February 23, 2022

Uses this

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Hardware, services and tools I am using to get things done.

Starting with my dream setup which I found on r/battlestations. I would like to have a similar setup in the coming years for me.

Dream Setup dream setup

My Current Setup looks something like this. current



On Laptop

  • Emacs: For coding and taking notes
  • Org-mode and Org-roam: For making notes (Zettelkasten)
  • Safari: My main browser
  • Apple Pages: For anything related to document
  • Apple Keynote: It’s the best software for making presentations
  • Microsoft Excel: For anything related to data
  • Microsoft VS Code: My other code editor
  • Brave Browser: My occasional browser
  • Craft: For saving everything on the go
  • Things 3: For my project management
  • Figma: For designing wallpapers
  • Tweetbot: For browsing twitter
  • Discord: For communities and their messages I never read
  • Slack: For work
  • Apple Music
  • Xcode
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Photos
  • iMessage
  • Telegram

On iPad

  • Books
  • Safari
  • Netflix
  • Onefootball

On Phone

  • Tweetbot: Twitter client app
  • Apollo: For browsing Reddit
  • Reeder: One of the best RSS app ever developed
  • Github
  • Social
    • iMessage
    • Telegram
    • Signal
    • WhatsApp
    • LinkedIn: Every now and then
    • Instagram: I have a Screen Time set for 20 minutes
  • Apple Notes: For taking notes on the fly
  • Craft: For saving any tweet/article that I might read later
  • Things 3: For my project management
  • Oak: My main meditation app
  • Kite: For investing in Indian stock market
  • Groww: To invest in Mutual
  • Binance: To invest in crypto
  • Apple Email: My personal email application
  • Outlook: For my work email
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Podcasts

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