February 20, 2022


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ipa nezubn /nɛzʌb/ — no meaning, i made it up
an engineer, and a polymath

Hi there, I am Ankit aka (nezubn) and I have been working in Machine Learning and Engineering for almost ~4 years. I like reading stuff, building things, designing. I live in emacs and my terminal [iTerm].

My interests range from reading non-fiction and sci-fi books, study physics, machine learning and deep learning algorithms, software internals, compilers, interpreters, programming languages, distributed systems, databases, networks and so on and also building and breaking on Apple platforms (iOS | macOS).

As a Software Engineer at Gramvaani,

  • Trained and Deployed an FAQ based QnA system using BERT
  • Created a Knowledge Graph based system to traverse farmer’s query and QnA over it on IVR systems
  • Worked on data collection processes and streamlined pipelines to collect data from the field across various districts in India
  • Currently, working on Natural Resource Management solution for detecting change in water capacity in places throughout India

Senior Research Associate at Mirrorsize,

  • Trained models for semantic segmentation of a person out of an image
  • Worked in keypoint detection and person detection from an image
  • Use deformation methods to deform the 3D human body to it’s shape and calculate measurements

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