February 20, 2022


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ipa nezubn /nɛzʌb/ — no meaning, i made it up
an engineer, and a polymath

Hi there, I am Ankit aka (nezubn) and I have been working in Machine Learning and Engineering for almost ~4 years. I like reading stuff, building things, designing. I live in emacs and my terminal [iTerm].

My interests range from reading non-fiction and sci-fi books, study physics, machine learning and deep learning algorithms, software internals, compilers, interpreters, programming languages, distributed systems, databases, networks and so on and also building and breaking on Apple platforms (iOS | macOS).

As a Software Engineer at Gramvaani,

  • Trained and Deployed an FAQ based QnA system using BERT
  • Created a Knowledge Graph based system to traverse farmer’s query and QnA over it on IVR systems
  • Worked on data collection processes and streamlined pipelines to collect data from the field across various districts in India
  • Currently, working on Natural Resource Management solution for detecting change in water capacity, Land use land cover, vegetation index in places throughout India using ML predictive models
  • LLM based chatbot to chat with data collected in various surveys and verticals such as KAB and PAJ where KAB is about sexual health and wellness and PAJ is about worker’s rights

Senior Research Associate at Mirrorsize,

  • Trained models for semantic segmentation of a person out of an image
  • Worked in keypoint detection and person detection from an image
  • Use deformation methods to deform the 3D human body to it’s shape and calculate measurements

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