February 21, 2022


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This will be interesting to some people, who want to read some great books and don’t know where to start from. I will try to have these books in physical form and I’ll keep updating this list as I read more books.

If you got recommendations, feel free to drop a note!

The books I have read and I recommend you should too

Currently reading

Biographies & Start-up Stories

Products & Strategy


Technical books


  • Fluent Python

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • Deep Learning with Python
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch
  • Hands on Machine Learning

Pragmatic Programmer

  • Mastering Emacs


  • Introducing MLOps, Mark Treveil
  • Engineering MLOps, Emmanuel Raj
  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications, Martin Kleppmann

This concept of Bookshelf is inspired from Patrick Collison. Another place where I found some great books.

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