May 11, 2024

How to find good research papers?

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There is plethora of research happening all around us and in the recent times the incoming number of research papers have increased by quite a number.

This raises a question on how to find a good paper and give it a read.

These are some of my techniques which I use to find good papers to read in the field of AI/ML, Databases, Distributed Systems, Algorithms.

  1. Google Scholar

    You can search for any topic or author and you get a list in few milliseconds. The list is sorted by some ranking and you can usually find a good paper to read for any topic xyz in the top 5 search results.

  2. Hackernews

    Hackernews is absolute best place to hangout if you want to discuss on engineering and other aspects as there are plenty of engineers hurling out their opinion on the website, recently, someone made this search engine for hackernews posts which is a semantic search: https://hackersearch.net/

  3. Social Media

    On X, previously twitter people like Aran Komatsuzaki and AK keep sharing good papers on their feed.

  4. Huggingface Papers

    A collection project started by huggingface is a good place to find some great papers.

I have started reading more papers as I progress through my learning and these are some of the best methods through which I find on what to read.

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